The ’true’ self is the locus of moral obligation

Jonas Grauel have looked into the nexus between food consumption, morality and the presentation of the self. The ’ethical consumer’ is on the rise. Consumers increasingly accept a personal responsibility pertaining to the consumption choices they do, or do not, undertake. Read more

Paths to understanding the tyrannosauri amongst us or why half of meet consumption in Denmark is consumed by 10% of the population

Researchers demonstrate a number of consumption practices/patterns centered around meet and emphasize the recognizability of meet products, rendering these particularly fit for consumers with conservative habits on the move. An ethnographic study amongst long-hall truck drivers in Denmark and Germany exemplifies. Read more

Come fly with me us!

The narratives of the airport terminal tell a story of flying, closely linked to traditional ideas of relaxation, vacation and relationship-building. Researches debunk the traditional understanding of the plane as the easy solution, and highlight the symbolic meaning of flying, enrooted in collective imagination, fascination and subtle fear. Read more

“We used to build cars, now we build networks”

Why car sharing is more about sociability than availability. A study from Michigan (US) reveals the potential of strong networks of sharing. Building strong networks is neither the job of the municipality, state or company – but a communal effort, if successful. Read more